вторник, 1 мая 2012 г.

Цветы из ткани

1.  Cut several strips of fabric from the old tees.  I used a variety of widths (approx. 1" to 1.5") and lengths (10" to 14").  I cut some of the strips with plain scissors and others with pinking shears. Notice that neatness in cutting is not super critical here. :)
2.  Set your sewing machine for a gathering stitch (the longest straight stitch with a very loose tension) and stitch along the long side of each strip, about 1/8" from the edge:

There is a pretty good video tutorial on gathering stitches right here - check it out if you're new to sewing!
3.  Gently pull the bobbin thread to gather the length of the fabric:
4.  After gathering, your strip should want to form a circle like this.  I kept the gathering on one end a bit tighter (this will be the center of the flower.)
5.  Get your needle and thread ready.  Then roll up the fabric in a spiral (not too tight) and while holding the bundle, stitch across the bottom (gathered) side several times to hold the flower together:
6.  After you've stitched the bottom of each flower together, turn them over and you should have something that looks like this: (the left flower was not pinked, the right one was!)
7.  Repeat steps 1-6 to make as many flowers as you want to adorn your shirt.  Then arrange the flowers on the shirt and pin them in place:

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